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So says one reviewer very familiar with the book, named Colin. 


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And welcome to the official C.M. Rahill website, where we'll be posting updates for Castor & Pollux. Reviews, links to order, podcasts, excerpts from the book, information about Colin Matthew Rahill – you'll find it all here. Enjoy, and tell a friend! And check out Rahill's Instagram to learn a bit more about him, and his book, personally: @cm_rahill.

Synopsis of Castor & Pollux


SLACK, a deadened London lawyer with sleeping problems and a mysterious past, comes alive at night. The only problem is that he can never remember what happened the night before. One morning, as he embarks on his daily routine, Slack finds the fascinating outline of a novel he must have composed in his half-asleep state. He somehow knows the secret to his enigmatic existence lays in this unwritten novel and determines to bring it to life. 


Slack’s reality takes a surreal turn when he encounters the novel’s protagonist, OWEN, in the flesh. Rather than back away from this extraordinary situation, Slack decides to follow Owen and see where the journey will take him. His spiritual quest leads Owen back to the States to mourn an old friend, to an odd spiritual retreat, and back to an old love interest. As the narrative unfolds, both Slack and Owen find themselves trapped in the darkest depths of the human psyche, and together must reach the brightest heights of spiritual reality to escape.

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About C.M. Rahill

C.M. Rahill is a highly talented writer who left behind a promising path at Harvard Law School to pursue a life dedicated to literature. Driven by a thirst for spiritual and intellectual exploration, Rahill traveled the world and channeled his profound insights into what he terms “New Literature.” Having graduated from Notre Dame and attained a Masters in English from Cambridge University, he successfully penned his debut novel, Castor & Pollux, to be followed by his spiritual memoir, Prayers in Prose for Morning and Night. Rahill’s work offers readers a heartfelt and transformative journey into faith, purpose, and the search for meaning.

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